The bathroom is one of the more delicate things to change up. Its minimal space is what makes it challenging.

Your bathroom renovation is a good benchmark on how your overall home renovation plans will pan out.

With some helpful ideas from friends at bathrenovationwinnipeg.com, the following are five of the major mistakes in renovating bathrooms.

  1. Non-uniform fixtures

Keep your selections to a bare minimum – one. Mixing up different types of metals and woods as a theme for your fixtures will always be a no go. If you’re aiming for a sophisticated space, aim for uniformity as you can never go wrong with it. Bathroom fixtures that don’t match are always going to be an eyesore. Not only will you be spending a ton of money by buying different brands and styles, but you’ll also end up with a bathroom that looks cluttered and uninspired. Instead, limit your choices of fixtures. You can also save money by buying bathroom fixtures in sets. That way you are guaranteed that they will match seamlessly. If you have several bathrooms at home that you want to renovate at the same time, you can try to match the style and feel of the space by selecting the same fixtures for both bathrooms.

  1. Loosely-anchored towel bars

A common mistake with towel bar placement is that we expect the drywall alone to hold it up. You may utilize wood framing behind the wall to elevate and provide durability to your towel bar instalments. Everyone has encountered a loose towel bar. Usually, it’s the first thing that breaks in any regular bathroom. If it does happen, it will usually mean costly repair for the wall and, if it breaks, the towel bar itself. During the renovation, you want to ensure that the towel bar is anchored securely. Don’t just think about it being able to handle the weight of a single towel. Slippage happens in the wet surface of the bathroom and it’s usually the towel bar that people grab on to. You want it to take on the weight of a full-grown man about to fall and that means anchoring the bar not just on the drywall but into the wall itself.

  1. Bad lighting

A good selection for the shower space would be a pot light as it does not get in the way. Also, make sure your vanity mirror has at least one wall sconce. It works well for said space as it does not cast any shadows on your face. Consider flanking the bathroom mirror with lights. General ceiling lights aren’t enough for tasks like beauty and grooming. You should also try to emulate bathroom lighting after daylight, as naturally as possible. It will show the true color of your face, makeup, and hair. And consider adding a dimmer into your bathroom. Space should be able to transition from the bright light during morning rituals to a soft mood lighting ideal when you’re having a relaxing soak in the tub. Dimmer would fit the bill perfectly.

  1. Trendy-ing up

Any renovation requires a sizeable investment. Pink bathrooms in the past aren’t as ideal in the current day. Go for neutrals colors, and clean lines and surfaces. A minimalist take on this home space with a few unique accents and accoutrements is highly recommended. To achieve a minimalist bathroom style, you should get rid of anything moveable from the bathroom. This includes hotel samples you got from a trip, curling iron, extra shaving cream canisters. Only leave behind items that you use on a daily basis. In the renovation, you should pay attention to storage space for your bathroom to hide items you rarely use.

  1. Drains aren’t in the right spot

This is rather common for homeowners trying their hand at renovating their homes. It is important to plan the shower pan or bathtub accordingly with the current plumbing layout. That way, you are able to spec new fixtures right.