Stay Organized

Home offices can get pretty messy pretty fast. The most obvious solution to this would be to stock up on bins, drawers, and shelves space but there are numerous solutions that are available in the market today. Before investing huge money on bins and drawers, think about how you organize first. Instead of keeping printed copies of files and receipts, how about storing them digitally?

Also, paper can make any office look cluttered pretty quickly so you get better control of printed files before it takes over your home office. For an added tip, follow this system for categorizing paper files; you toss it, file it, or take action. Your most important paperwork should also follow a color-coded system for filing. Green can be for financial, red for medical, orange is for personal, yellow is insurance and blue for paperwork related to the house.

Think outside the box

Just because your home office is essentially a workspace doesn’t mean it should reflect typical office items. Pay close attention to beautiful decorative pieces you can place around the room to help improve it’s aesthetics.

One way to glam up your office would be to add a refreshing lighting fixture. An eye-catching pendant lamp with gorgeous gold detailing can really transform an ordinary space into one of luxury without losing its professional vibe. You can also include some greenery into space. A lovely potted plant is sure to bring in a feeling of calmness and cleanliness into any room, and it will look pretty too.

Also, you might want to maximize your vertical space using paintings, adding floating shelves, or installing cabinets up against the wall. Choose pieces to decorate the shelves and cabinets that really speak to you. You don’t have to decorate them in one go; you can make it a work in progress, adding more things as time goes. Your home office wall space could be the place where you display the little knick-knacks and trinkets you find in your travels.

Reduce Cord Clutter

As humanity transitions towards the digital age, it’s expected that people will rely heavily on electronic gadgets like phones and computers. Your home office can quickly become cluttered with all the wires and cords crisscrossing the space. If you really can’t do away with using a wireless connection for your gadgets, then take care to hide cords. You can also use command hooks and cable ties to keep cords plugged into a power strip organized.

An 8-outlet rotating-plug power strip will help accommodate all your AC adapters. Its swivelling feature will make plugging chargers and power cords all that much easier. And it has hooks to keep the cords looking nice and neat. If an 8-outlet power cord is not enough to ease some of your cord clutter, there is always a 12-outlet power strip option. The one offered by Belkin also swivels for easy plugging. You should also color code your cords using Velcro cable ties or cable clips.

Invest In Good Lighting

Offices are known for their stark lighting that is truly unflattering. This is due in part to the belief that a lot of lighting will make work easier. But with workers constantly staring at their computer screens all day, fluorescent lighting can add even more strain on their eyes. For your home office, you might want to consider using natural light as much as possible as well as ambient and task lighting.

Start by noting the amount of natural light that enters the room at different times of the day. Take note where shadows fall, keeping in mind how you’re going to use the space. You should also consider the direction of the light and whether or not it’ll create a distracting glare on your computer screen. Task lights ensure that your home office gets enough lighting for you to do your work. The right light can reduce eye strain and can help reduce feelings of sleepiness that happens when working in a dimly-lit room.