Not since the mid to late 90s has wallpaper been in vogue. Luckily, style and trend are cyclical and wallpaper popularity is seeing resurgence. Wallpapers inspire creativity, comfort, and relaxation. When applied in the master bedroom, it can transform the sleeping space like no paint ever can. Here are a few top wallpaper designs that will elevate your master bedroom game.

Don’t forget the ceiling

When it comes to decorating your master bedroom, people often forget about the ceiling, content on relying on the paintwork or the lighting fixture. Ceilings aren’t usually seen as an area to be covered by wallpaper and so it’s left bare. But if you’re thinking of stepping up your master bedroom aesthetics, you can complete the look and feel of the decor by including the ceiling.

Normally, you don’t apply wallpaper to the ceiling, only just the walls. But in recent times, it’s becoming on-trend to include the ceilings in applying wallpaper. It’s a great way to match your walls or to create a unique look by exclusively applying the wallpaper just on the ceiling. Getting this done will require a little more paste to the paper and using a plastic applicator tool for sticking the wallpaper to the ceiling.

Think about stripes

There are almost limitless options when it comes to wallpaper ideas. But if you really want your master bedroom to stand out, it never hurts to stick to a more traditional design. Having said that, consider vivid stripes for your sleeping quarters. It will look fresh and gives it a touch of mid-century modern style.

Stripes are a great way to create the illusion of a bigger room than it already is. It can stretch walls either horizontally or vertically. Vertical stripes will make the walls of your room look taller, while horizontal stripes will make it look longer. Stripes are also a timeless and stylish way to design your master’s bedroom no matter the season. You can adorn your walls with colorful and playful patterns that will help bring warmth and light into space. And depending on the color, size, and style, you can inject a hint of personality to the interior space without having to put in too much effort or invest in expensive decorative pieces.

Textured is the way to go

Choosing for textured wallpaper will give your room more depth without having to overdo with bold colors and exaggerated patterns. If your master bedroom has a large expanse of wall to cover, choosing textured wallpaper will make it less imposing at the same time give it a gorgeous visual effect. Remember to keep it bright to keep the room from feeling cramped and claustrophobic.

Textured wallpaper serves as a useful design element especially when you want to add a little uniqueness and creativity into your master’s bedroom. Textured wallpaper, in particular, has certain advantages over paint and even other wallpaper types. It can hide rough spots, cracks, and holes on the wall. It also serves as a practical approach because wallpaper is a lot more affordable and easy to install. Textured wallpaper can also add a little depth, interest, and space to the wall. A simple paint job won’t add dimension and nuances to a wall. It doesn’t over any interesting design that comes from a roll of gorgeous wallpaper.

There is a wide variety of textured wallpaper to choose from. The most popular textures include bamboo, linen, foil, metallic, and foil. There is also the option to choose embossed wallpaper in different designs and colors that’ll match your room’s decor.

Wallpaper offers a lot of benefits over a regular paint job, especially for your master’s bedroom. It can add depth, warmth, and style to any room that a monotone paint can’t do. Its beautiful designs, interesting textures, and gorgeous prints create a powerful impact on the style of the room.